A Wild Winter


Winter weather has been a wild one this 2013/2014 snowshoe season. From the Sierra Nevada’s draught, to a “Polar Vortex” taking three passes through the Midwest and East Coast, the US has endured a winter for the ages.

A cold front, which usually remains on the Canadian side of the border, dipped South, breaking record lows in the city aptly nicknamed “Hotlanta.” The media quickly dubbed this occurrence a “Polar Vortex.” In the opposing corner of the country, Alaska has endured much higher temperatures than average, resulting in low snow-pack and poor conditions for the annual Iditarod race.


Pictured: Tubbs Ambassador, Rich K., exploring his city on snowshoes


But enough from us, we wanted to hear what others thought about the 2013/2014 winter craziness. and here’s what they had to say:

Ambassador Michelle
“With …no new snow falling for what seemed forever, people became depressed, demoralized and moody…The winter darkness seemed gloomy without the soft blanket of white that normally covers the ground.”
Regional Sales Rep Bruce
“After the last two moderate winters, this year’s snowy weather was very welcome by my snowshoe accounts. Even today, I’m taking reorders for the current season. Many stores have run out of inventory and we still have great snow. Of course, the temperatures haven’t made for the most comfortable conditions. Spring snowshoeing anyone?”
Ambassador Brent
“In November we were treated to “almost feeling guilty” conditions to “where the heck is winter?” situations in December. As we watched the news with all the cold and snow elsewhere, I wore a Hawaiian shirt for Christmas lamenting the thin base so far this season.”
Pictured: Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador, Brent, takes advantage of the snow when it finally arrives in Vancouver, B.C. by building a snow cave.