Gem of a Mountain


Brent & Dorian, Day Hiking Ambassadors

What a treat it is to be able to mix day job responsibilities with snowshoeing adventures. Such was the case recently when we had the occasion to travel to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and more specifically Lake Louise.

This gem of a mountain lake is nestled in scenery most spectacular about a half hour from Banff, Alberta. There are plenty of ski hills in this part of the world, and plenty of high elevation open snow. We had the good fortune of catching an amazing few days of deep champagne powder. We did day outings as well as at night. Lake Louise was frozen solid, so we had the pleasure of blazing a trail straight across it. It is a bit creepy to be out in the middle of a lake hoping for the best, but all the local experts said we were good to go. We were both on our FLEX ALPs, but probably should have brought our bigger Mountaineers. It was more of a compact packing decision. We did some bushwacking in snow well past our knees. Coming from the coastal mountains, we were in snowshoe heaven. The tree bombs were out of control, and every so often when we were in the forest we would get dumped on. We definitely bumped a few trees to get the action started. Birds were eating from Dorians hand, and we came across a beautiful blue ice fall. We were sad to have to leave. Parks Canada had a “name the snowshoe trail” contest for 2 new trails, and we submitted names for them both. The winners will be announced soon, so we will let everyone know if we came up big in the next couple of weeks. A lot of names were probably submitted, but we thought long and hard about the ones we chose. Banff and Lake Louise were established about a hundred years ago when the train tracks were being pushed westward. Beautiful hotels were built in stunning spots along the way. If you have time to do any research on the net about this part of the world, you will probably like what you see. We can’t wait to go back.