Grand Finale

Jan M., Day Hiking Ambassador

When I was selected as Tubbs Snowshoe Ambassador this season, I never dreamed Colorado would get an epic snow year to accommodate my adventures. It started in October with an 18” snowfall in the valley where I live and the snow continued to fall in my favor throughout the winter months. It was an honor and privilege to share the season with Tubbs. I am so thankful to Tubbs Snowshoes, my husband the trailblazer, and my friends and family that were able to share my season. To those that were unable to come out and snowshoe with me, there’s always next year. I am a lifetime fan of snowshoeing!

Four snowshoes

Snowshoeing the deep powder is a great time to have a partner wearing Tubbs 36’ Mountaineers! This was from November at Grand Mesa, Colorado.

Snowshoer in deep snow


I didn’t want to let this season go and tried the trail mid-April for one last hurrah! It’s truly mud season here, but we still grinded up the trail to close out the great epic year.

spring snowshoeing