National Trails Day

Group of happy hikers snowshoes
Tori Hartman, Guest Writer

Hey Tubbs Hikers!

Even though we said goodbye to winter a while ago, our passion for the outdoors didn’t just melt away with the snow. We’re always looking for opportunities to get outside and go on new adventures as often as possible, and this weekend we celebrated National Trails Day!

To show our support for the American Hiking Society and the awesome trails that allow thousands of people to get out and explore the mountains, Tubbs Snowshoes planned a group hike to Lake Serene, WA on Saturday June 7.

National Trails Day began in the ‘80’s to bring awareness to the 200,000+ miles of trails across the country that give people access to the natural world. It takes place the first Saturday of June every year, and anyone is welcome to organize an event to get outside.

Tubbs brand ambassadors gathered with friends, families, and one dog, for a beautiful 8 mile hike. We wore our custom-designed National Trails Day shirts and brought along some Tubbs hiking poles for support on the trail. We began the trek by crossing streams and fallen logs, and stopped at Bridal Veil Falls about 2 miles into the trail. Cascading water sprayed a mist our way, providing a brief refreshment before we started the more arduous portion of the hike. We tackled switchback turns and a 2,000 foot elevation gain—definitely a great early summer workout!

The kids in our group—ages 12 to 7—had plenty of energy bouncing up the trail and greeting everyone with a cheery “Happy National Trails Day!” and a high-five!

Our group arrived at Lake Serene with cheers of delight—what a beautiful alpine oasis tucked into a basin just below the peak of Mount Index in the Cascades Mountains. The crystal clear water reflected the gorgeous sunny skies and the remaining snow banks on the side of the  mountain peak.

A giant lakeside boulder made a perfect spot for a sunny lunch break, and the peaceful setting gave us a chance to appreciate spending time with other outdoor adventurers as a refreshing break from the busy city life in Seattle.

We’re looking forward to plenty more Tubbs hikes in the future- we’ll see you in the mountains this summer and next year on National Trails Day!

Spring alpine meadow


Tubbs snowshoes ambassadors


National Trails Day


Board walk north cascades