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Tubbs Snowshoes is excited to introduce the third year of our Ambassador Program! We’re looking for 12 intrepid snowshoe enthusiasts who can best capture the experience of snowshoeing – from the lessons of a beginner to a seasoned veteran – with words and photos to help show winter’s wonder. With four categories to apply to, and four accompanying gear packages, don’t miss your chance to earn new Tubbs snowshoes and contribute to the Tubbs team all winter long!

Ambassador Entry Categories: Our snowshoe line is divided into four main categories and we are looking for three ambassadors to represent each category. Choose the category that best represents you, and send us your entry today!



Have you ever gone snowshoeing before, or are you a snowshoer newbie? Are you interested in a new winter fitness opportunity? You might be a perfect candidate if you like being outdoors and trying new things. We want to hear about your experiences starting something new and what feedback you can give to those new to this winter activity.

Short Story Submission Topic: What new opportunities do you think snowshoeing will open up for you?

Ambassador Gear Kit: 2 pairs of Xplore Snowshoes, 2 pairs of Tubbs 2-Part Snowshoe Poles, 2 sets of men’s or women’s gaiters, Tubbs custom belt, a Tubbs beanie and other perks.
Retail value:  $495



Are you a hiker that becomes a snowshoer in the winter? Do you like to travel your favorite trails in the winter to see how they have become transformed in winter white? Do you have some set trails that you consistently follow or do you like to find new trails? If you answered yes to some of these questions you might be the perfect candidate for this category! We are looking for people to share their outings and experiences with others to inspire more people to get outdoors and explore the winter trails.

Short Story Submission Topic: What was one of your favorite past trips? Why did this trip stand out?

Ambassador Gear Kit: 2 pairs of Tubbs FLEX RDG snowshoes, 2 pairs of Tubbs 2-Part Snowshoe Poles, 2 sets of men’s or women’s gaiters, Tubbs custom belt, a Tubbs beanie and other perks.
Retail value:  $575



Do you plan backpacking trips in the winter? Or do you prefer to leave the trail behind to make your own? If backcountry travel is your favorite way to spend time in the winter, you would be a perfect fit in this category! We want to hear where you like to go, how to best tackle backcountry adventure, and what your tips and tricks are.

Short Story Submission Topic: What was your most brazen snowshoe adventure? What made it stand out?

Ambassador Gear Kit: 2 pairs of Tubbs FLEX VRT snowshoes, 2 pairs of Tubbs 3-Part Snowshoe Poles, 2 sets of men’s or women’s gaiters, Tubbs custom belt, a Tubbs beanie and other perks.
Retail value:  $725



Would your family benefit from some time in the snow but do you not want to spend money on expensive gear, tickets, and lessons?  Do you encourage your family to get outside in the winter?  If so, your family might be the perfect fit for this category!  We are looking for families to share their all-age outdoor adventures.  We want to know everything from how to best plan outings, what favorite snow games you play and how to keep the kiddos happy while out in the cold.  We’d also love to hear from your kids as Junior Ambassadors and what they think of snowshoeing!

Short Story Submission Topic: Who most inspired you or gave you an appreciation for snowshoeing and outdoor winter fun?

Ambassador Gear Kit: 2 pairs of Tubbs Journey snowshoes, 2 pairs of Tubbs Storm snowshoes, 2 pairs of Tubbs 2-Part Snowshoe Poles, 2 sets of men’s or women’s gaiters, Tubbs custom belt, a Tubbs beanie and other perks.
Retail value:  $655



Choose an entry category above, and email us your entry (400 words max, please!) on the category topic. We want to know why we should pick you, get a feel for your writing style, the things you like to do, and what motivates you. Also, please include your social media handles, e.g., facebook.com/tubbssnowshoes, @tubbssnowshoes, pinterest.com/tubbssnowshoes. We want to get a feel for how you interact with your followers. If you have them, please include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Yonder. All submissions are due by September 15th, 2014. New Ambassadors will be chosen by the Tubbs Marketing Team, deciding on who best exemplifies each category. New Ambassadors will be announced after September 15, 2014, and selected Ambassadors will create a formal Ambassador agreement with the Tubbs Snowshoes Marketing Team. No purchase necessary, contest only for those in the United States, and no employee of Tubbs Snowshoes will be considered. All entries become the property of Tubbs Snowshoes when submitted and will not be returned to entrant. Mail-in registrations must be postmarked by September 11th, 2014. Full explanation of contest rules and how we will judge the entries can be found: http://assets.k2sports.com/tubbs/ftptubbs/files/1415-Formal-Rules-and-Regulations-for-the-Tubbs-Ambassador-Program.pdf

Send your submission to:

marketing-web@tubbssnowshoes.com with the subject line: Tubbs Ambassador Application

Kelsey Boyce
Tubbs Snowshoes
ATTN: Tubbs Ambassador Application
4201 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108

What will Tubbs Ambassadors do? 

Tubbs Ambassadors will be responsible for sending us content from their awesome adventures – adventure posts, inspirational stories, and fun photos of their exploration over the year!

  • Provide a written profile and photo for the Tubbs Ambassador website;
  • Send in monthly web content and photos for posting to the Tubbs blog and inclusion in collateral. Your home base should consistently get snow or you should be willing to travel to snow in order to get your monthly content submitted throughout the winter;
  • Post short bimonthly Facebook posts to the Tubbs Facebook page;
  • Interact with Tubbs via Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest;
  • Participate in online graphic/product focus groups for new Tubbs products;
  • Attend a regional Tubbs-sponsored event like Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series as a guest of Tubbs, if in your region.

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