The Escape Hatch

canadian snowshoes

Brent and Dorian, Day Hiking Ambassadors

Well, we hope we’ve got your attention with the title! For us, snowshoeing is truly “The Escape Hatch”.

As mentioned in previous musings, the Pacific Northwest is a fickle place to be a snow lover. She gives and takes with nary a care for your emotional stability. The last handful of days have been crisp and cold, but with bluebird skies. Hmm, not much precipitation in sight for the next week or so. What to do? It’s definitely time to go through all your stuff and make sure that you are prepared for when it hits. Checking all your clothing options, hardware, and essential items. We have accumulated a whack of stuff over the years, and love going over what has worked well for us and what can maybe be passed on. Our Tubbs Snowshoe collection is pretty extensive, and we have gear for all types of conditions and snow depths. Everything from sketchy angled ice scrambles to five foot dumps of champagne powder on prairie lakes. Various sized backpacks, glove/mitt combos, headwear options, and the list goes on. But one thing we know for sure, a lot of trial and error went into finding just the right things to use for the varying conditions that Mom Nature throws our way. We were hoping that we’d have enough snow by now to get out there on one of our three local mountains, but it always seems that November is a big tease and December delivers. We are envious of those of you who get winter well before us, but such is life. We simply go hard when we can. Last year we were on snow something like eighty times, but we never really keep track. We are both still like little kids when it comes to the anticipation of waving goodbye to civilization with all it’s sensory overload. We take a lot of guests on tours, and one of the things we like to ask them at the end of the adventure is “what were you thinking about during the last couple of hours”? The answer is almost always “I don’t know, I was too busy basking in the beauty of nature”. Mission accomplished. Welcome to the Escape Hatch…