Planning Season


Tim, Backcountry Ambassador

October and November is pre-season planning time for me. Structured group trips are over for the year so I have the chance to catch up on photo processing and begin sketching out new adventures for the 2015 season! How is the schedule built? On the trail we are always sharing stories from cool trips (we sometimes still use the acronym CGCTC: Cool Guys Cool Trips Club), new locations, what’s on the “must do” and “wish lists,” etc. Of course we always leave room for what I call “Renegade Trips,” unplanned (more) spur of the moment trips, a “when the apple is ripe, pick it” mentality.

We have been lucky enough to have early snowfall in MN and from the looks of things it may actually stick until spring! So I am sitting by the fire anxiously wrapping up some of the final details on our snowshoeing plans and yes, looking out the window watching the snow coming down. What a perfect atmosphere, it’s like going grocery shopping hungry, everything looks good! Each trip, with the exception of the Tubbs Snowshoe Day, will be a winter camping trip where we will backpack in on snowshoes and enjoy the quiet, pristine winter wonderland of the North Country!


December: North Country Trail in North Central MN


January: Tubbs Snowshoe Day St Croix State Park, MN

January: George Washington State Forest, MN

February: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WI

March: Porcupine Mountains, MI