Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


 Michelle, Day Hiking Ambassador

I know winter technically doesn’t start until December 21st, but this year it feels like it is taking forever for the snow to arrive! We finally had a legitimate snow day last week and I couldn’t have been happier. With snow finally on the ground I am counting down my last few days of work before the holidays arrive where I can spend as much time as I want outside.

A few trips we have planned with our Journey snowshoes include local locations such as Eagle’s Rest – a favourite lookout, local lakes to check on the ice to see if they are ready for ice fishing, and my parent’s backyard (they have 100 beautiful acres). Those are just our local trips that we have in mind but we also plan on exploring other areas, which involve road tours!

Where are your favourite spots to snowshoe, close to home or places you have to travel to?