Glimmer of Hope


Sandy, Trail Walking Ambassador

Tis the season to blog about my snowshoe adventures, tis the season…I had a glimmer of hope when snow began to fall, the ground and trees were covered with a blanket of white. A true winter wonderland, this was going to be another great winter in Eastern PA. But before I could get my new shiny snowshoes on my feet, the rains came no more white. How I envy my fellow ambassador—most of them live in places that when it starts snowing it keeps on snowing. I live on the line…the snow and rain line in the southern tip of the great Pocono mountains, some of them reaching great elevations of higher than 1500′! It is beautiful and serene, but we are on the line. That is what you hear from the weather man, maybe 6-12 or maybe none. We are on the line. Hopefully soon the snow will fall or north I go to the other side of the line.