The High Rockies of Colorado


Bill, Trail Walking Ambassador

We woke up this morning to 6 inches of light fresh powder. Living at 9000 feet high in the Colorado Rockies this is certainly not unusual, but it is always inviting, especially on a weekend day. My wife Sherry and I decided to grab our Tubbs and head out to enjoy. We ate a hearty breakfast, donned our snowshoe clothes (layers of course) and tossed our snowshoes and poles into the car. The temperature was a balmy 22 degrees as we left the house. A short 5 minute drive took us to the trailhead for the Ten Mile Canyon Trail. On with the shoes and away we went for a 6 mile jaunt. If you have ever snowshoe’d in fresh dry powder snow you know how great those conditions are, and we looked forward to a couple of hours of fun before heading home. As we climbed the canyon we passed only two other people, a father and son headed up to do a little ice climbing on the side of the canyon where one of the year round streams cascades down the steep rocky walls. We continued up the trail alongside Ten Mile Creek, flowing in and out of snow covered boulders with fantastic ice formations scattered along the trail. As we neared the top of the trail, near Copper Mountain Ski Resort, we played a bit on some rock formations, and I worked on my “flying skills” coming off the rocks. With fresh powder, landing on snowshoes feels like you are on the moon. We watched beavers in the shallow portions of the creek that remained unfrozen due to fast currents. We watched the ice climbing father and son high above us on the cliffs. We took turns breaking trail, choosing to make our own tracks rather than follow those of others who had come before us. As expected our jaunt lasted about two hours during which time the sun shown, the clouds closed in, it snow so hard we couldn’t see, and then again the sun shown. A perfect way to spend a morning and start a weekend. Might be a good way to end a weekend tomorrow if we get the foot they are predicting tonight. It’s going to be a very white Christmas here in the high Rockies of Colorado…

Sherry catches me along the trail.
My "high flying" routine.
My “high flying” routine.
And to end the day, sunset over the Gore Range, Eagles Nest Wilderness Area, which I have the privilege of living within ¼ mile.