Snowshoeing – The Ultimate Wintertime Family Activity!


Jen, Family Ambassador

My wife, Kendra, does not enjoy winter unless she’s sitting comfortably indoors with a hot latte in her hand and a great view out the window. A native South-Carolinian, she’s averse to temperatures below 50 degrees despite having lived in Massachusetts for 15 years. In the early days of our relationship, I tried to get her to go snowboarding or ice-skating with me only to be asked, “why would I choose to go outside in the freezing cold only to fall on my bum over and over again?” She had a good point.


Enter snowshoeing. Unlike other winter sports, snowshoeing has an easy learning curve. The hardest part is getting the snowshoes on for the first time. (Unless your Tubbs have the new CustomWrap™ binding with the Boa® Closure System.) Once you’ve got your snowshoes strapped to your boots, all you have to do is walk! Even the littlest walkers can join in – our oldest daughter, Addison, was just two when she first hiked in her Tubbs Snowflakes.


After a bit of cajoling, and listening to Addison rave about our snowshoeing adventures, Kendra finally caved and joined us for her first winter hike this year! She was pleasantly surprised – it was as easy to pick up snowshoeing as I’d told her, and she didn’t fall once!


These days Addison rocks Snow Glows, and hikes through the snow like a pro while her siblings, Evan and Kate, check out the view from their kid carriers. Kendra has come to appreciate winter in a way she never though possible – outdoors!


When the snow is piled high outside, we love nothing more than to strap on our snowshoes and romp through the woods as a family. There are giggles and pit stops for snacks while Addie makes snow angels and searches for trail markers. There’s no better way than snowshoeing to bond with family and enjoy the peaceful stillness of the woods in winter.