Mt. Hood Has Snow!

susie mt hood

Susie, Trail Walking Ambassador

Yahoo, we hit the snow Mt. Hood here we come, with holiday cheers still in the air!  If you’re looking for a beautiful 2-3 hour trek, head to Trillium Lake Loop (near Government Camp). It’s about 3+ miles from parking lot and around. A bit of down hill getting started and then a beautiful loop around the lake.

on the trail

The trail is open for snowshoeing and cross country skiing; everyone greeting each other with the “We’re so happy to be here.”  My nephew, Shawn and his honey Cara take turns sporting the one and only Tubb’s Pink Romp to Stomp knit hat………it’ll be mine to wear as we head to Steven’s Pass for the Event in February—you don’t want to miss that one!


This Christmas, Behrmanville (Ambassador Susie’s home) had many many visitors. It was such an extra treat to take folks from Florida, California and Washington to enjoy our own Mt. Hood! I especially love our snowshoe dates. We can visit, snack, and see all those extra snow wonders along the way.