When Life Gives You 6 Feet of Snow… Go Snowshoeing!


Jen, Family Ambassador

First it was Juno. Then Linus. Now Marcus is dropping another 18-24 inches of snow upon Massachusetts. We have had six snow days in the last twelve days, including weekends! The snow is literally piled up 18 inches ABOVE the bottom of the windows at the front of our house. So what’s a family of five to do when their snow dances are answered with an incredible six feet of snow? Go snowshoeing, of course!

After Juno dumped 24 inches on us, I taught the neighborhood kids how to snowshoe in our backyard!


I even got the chance to spend an afternoon snowshoeing with my friend Jenn – and we left our kids at home! We had a great hike through one of my favorite local spots – Harold Parker State Forest.

friend34When Linus left another 18 inches of snow in its wake, Kendra and I introduced our friend Amy and her son Peter to snowshoeing. Amy is originally from South Carolina, and she and her husband have been living in Abu Dhabi since before Peter and his little sister Farah were born. Needless to say, Peter is used to running through sand, not snow! But one hike, and they were hooked on Tubbs!


With Marcus poised to unleash another 18-24 inches on us, Kendra and I got in one more hike with just us and our three little ones – Addie, Evan, and Kate! The snow had already begun falling, making the woods even more peaceful and beautiful than usual.


Today we are watching Marcus continue to drop snow on the ground. So far we’ve gotten nine inches, with snow continuing into tomorrow morning. And after a winter of now snow, we are excited for all of the time we’ve gotten to hike on our Tubbs!!!