Family, Colorado and first time snowshoers.


Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

My wife and I recently made the trip to SLC for the #HikerChat snowshoe event co-hosted by Tubbs Snowshoes. Arriving a few days early, we planned on making the drive to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and visit my brother, sister in law and niece at their home there. We packed our bags, including 4 pairs of Tubbs snowshoes, boarded the plane and we were off.

Upon arrival in Colorado, we were warmly greeted by family, gorgeous weather and a well planned adventure. My brother did the research and decided on Lobo Ridge just west of Wolf Creek ski area. The next morning we made the short drive and were at the trailhead under blue skies.


My brother hasn’t been in snowshoes in many years, and his wife has never been. They were both very eager to give it a try and within minutes I had them both strapped into our spare pairs of Tubbs Expedition snowshoes and we were off. The powder at almost 11,000 feet was amazing and before long we all had our stride.


I’m always surprised at how quickly people can pick up on snowshoeing, and these two were no exception. My brother was running, climbing and diving into thigh deep powder while his wife chose to follow the trail myself and others had forged. Both complimented on how much they enjoyed it and are looking forward to purchasing their own Tubbs, and a pair for my niece who is going on 2!


For my own part, my wife and I fully enjoyed our Tubbs FLEX series. They love the powder as much as the icy, crusty stuff we’ve had lately in the PNW, and performed flawlessly.

Our trip was a fantastic success. Both in Colorado and when we returned to Utah for the #hikerchat snowshoe meet up. It was a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends and make lifetime memories.