The Winter That Didn’t End


Eric, Day Hiking Ambassador

In many parts of the country I am seeing photos of folks mountain biking and trail running, heck even sitting round the BBQ. But here, along the shores of Lake Ontario we are still under a blanket of white. Everywhere you look is deep, thick snow.

The trails have a 3 foot base. The drifts are over our hips in some place. People are beginning to really become upset by it.

Those people don’t snowshoe. They don’t have the ability to get out and actually enjoy this weather. In a record winter, with record snow, and record cold. I have also been able to snowshoe a record number of times.

So this is the winter that just won’t end. Which is fine because I am sure there are years when the snowshoe season will be short, and we will long for the snow again.

If you need me—look for me on the trails. I will be the one rocking my amazing Tubbs Snowshoes.

I’ll come back out when spring, and the ensuing mud season arrives.