Snowshoeing in the Spring


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

Just because its spring doesn’t mean snowshoeing season is over just yet. In celebration of a bright and sunny Sunday my pup Emma and I decided to head out to the mountains for a girl’s day out. What better way to celebrate a girl’s day out then to go out rocking our pink. We decked out in our Tubbs Snowshoes bandannas & pink boa snowshoes to promote Romp to Stomp one last time for this fundraising year.

Unsure of how much snow was left in our local mountain range we fearlessly took to the mountains as I crossed my fingers and Emma crossed her paws. We were going to make an adventure of it no matter how much snow there was. With the convertible top down and my snowshoes shifting around in the backseat I couldn’t help but think that maybe snowshoeing in the spring could be pretty sweet. In what felt like a road of never ending mountainous turns we shifted left, then shifted right, then left, then right, and repeated countless times until we had finally arrived. As I got out to purchase a permit for our day of fun Emma was squirming like a crazy worm between the driver and passenger seat. She was ready to hit the trail and wanted to waste no more time with permit formalities.


Hooked up and pulling me forcefully towards the trail, Emma and I hastily walked over to the trail-head to get started. Today we were going to be snowshoeing along the North Crest Trail, a familiar and longtime hiking friend of ours. With only a few patches of snow present at the beginning of the trail I felt a bit odd with my 30 inch Wilderness Tubbs Snowshoes in hand. Determined to keep going with high hopes of finding snow we trudged our way through the wet and muddy trail. Then “Eureka!” we had found snow!

Protected by the shade of the trees and cooler temperatures we found not just a few inches but a foot and a half of it. Yeeha! I don’t know who was more excited about the snow, Emma or me. Excited and all giddy to get out I scrambled like a fool to get my snowshoes on. They just wouldn’t snap on fast enough as the anticipation took hold of my nerves. “Snow! Snow! Snow!” kept looping in my thoughts. With the abnormally warm temperatures around here of late all my thoughts of snow had previously been forsaken. My wily pup was bouncing wildly. One second she was digging in it, the next rolling muzzle first into it, and then she eating is as a giant snow cone buffet.

With my Tubbs Snowshoes on and my pup wiggling from nose to tail we ventured on to the trail of white. In a matter of steps I could feel spring’s effect on the snow under my feet. It was wet and slushy. Weakened by the longer days of sunlight and rising temperatures the snow gave more way. Though there was little resistance against my Tubbs causing me to sink I found that the large frames of my shoes helped keep me on my feet. All I could think was “spring is here.” Feeling the warmth of the day’s sunlight peeking through the trees there was no use in trying to deny it. I could just feel the new season in the air. Closing my eyes I felt the gentle breeze brush through my hair and whisper thoughts of summer in my ears. Having been in denial for weeks that winter was fading away I was now left with only the choice to embrace. With a deep farewell sigh as I bid winter a bittersweet goodbye, I opened my eyes. “Hello Spring!” and from the forest as if reciprocating my greeting I heard a little blue bird began to sing. His little song filled my heart with cheer and suddenly I was happy that spring was here. With this happy chirping soundtrack to behold maybe just maybe there was more to snowshoeing in the Spring to be told.