What I Learned at This Year’s Tubbs Snowshoes Romp to Stomp


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

  • It doesn’t matter the size of the TEAM, it’s about the size of their HEARTS.
  • You can never wear too much PINK. No really! Too much pink doesn’t exist!
  • Without all of the VOLUNTEERS who came out to help run Romp to Stomp this special event wouldn’t be possible. THANK YOU to all of the incredible volunteers for your time and help!
  • You will never feel so much LOVE from so many overflowing HEARTS at another snowshoe 3K/5K.
  • There is no one without a SMILE within a radius of at least a mile.
  • These people are FEARLESS in joining the fight to romp to stomp out breast cancer.
  • The crazier the getup you wear the more FABULOUS you are. Oh heck, everyone looks fabulous!
  • Everyone SHINES as they snowshoe and LAUGH alongside family and friends the whole time.
  • Every rookie participant can’t wait to try SNOWSHOEING for the first time.
  • Everyone CHEERS you on and is super HAPPY that you are there.
  • TUBBSCOUT is the coolest dog around.
  • You can scream and shout and get all out. The louder you are the more FUN you have!
  • Unicorns exist and the people who ride them are AWESOME!
  • Real men wear PINK! YAY!
  • You will make lots of new FRIENDS by the end of the day guaranteed.
  • There is no better way to spend a day then wearing TUBBS SNOWSHOES at the ROMP TO STOMP 3/5K!