A Warm Winter in Calgary


Jeremy & Sharon, Family Ambassadors

It has been quite a warm winter this year in Calgary and the result of that has been that finding snow, on occasion is a bit trickier than in years past. Between a shift work schedule, and a busy life, some of our attempts at snowshoeing have been more hiking less snowshoeing. However, on one particular day, unseasonably warm of course, we managed to head out to Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park, and enjoyed a beautiful snowshoe in some very wet, very heavy snow.

With kids of different ages, we often split into pairs at different paces, meeting up somewhere for snacks. On this day, we had stopped by a bakery in the neighbouring town of Canmore to indulge in some of the amazing pastries for sale at Le Fournil. It was definitely worth the adventure as it fueled everyone up for the trek back.


As we were snacking, Sebastian said, “mom, I just lost my tooth”… and in true form, his tooth, which had been wiggly for weeks, finally decided it was time to let go. He was excited and it just added to our already fun filled day.

On our way back, Sebastian and I decided to snowshoe a bit further and give the other guys a head start. The scenery is just so incredibly gorgeous, that with every step, I was in awe at what a beautiful part of the world these mountains form.

With mountains, lakes and forest on all sides of us, we were treated to a visual paradise as we went along.