The Magic of Yellowstone at Night


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

Warmed by hours next to the fireplace glow
we put on our Tubbs to get back out into the snow.

It was negative fifteen on this brisk Yellowstone night
where we were alone with winter and no one in site.

We held each others hands through a thick gloved grip
as we snowshoed along the trail that was elegantly moon-lit.

Moon beams shined down on the forest floor so bright
that it made the snow underfoot glow a vibrant florescent white.

With countless sharp stars aligned in the grand sky
our souls yearned for an adventure that would make our hearts fly.

We snowshoed over to the famous geyser of old
and watched it faithfully erupt as a site to behold.

From there we ventured up the path to Geyser Hill
with no sound but us breathing because the earth was so still.

Silently columns of steam rose on our left and right
we were truly engulfed by the magic of this place at night.

A rumble and a tumble from below began to shake
unbeknownst to us a geyser eruption was about to take place.

With an explosion of hot water blasting up to 200 feet
Beehive Geyser gave us in our snowshoes a startled leap.

Just then down the hill Old Faithful joined in the fun
as we stood there in awe both trying not to come undone.

Yelling and shouting in surprise and glee
we just witnessed something incredible that we couldn’t believe.

With moments of inspiration on nights such as this
my love for winter is reaffirmed by snowshoeing bliss.

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