The Spring Conditions are Amazing in the North Cascades!


Terry, Backcountry Ambassador

Spring has definitely settled here in the PNW, but we continue to get some really quality snow in the higher elevations. Quality snow combined with bluebird skies and a great trail equal some outstanding snowshoeing.


 This weekend I set out early to a location I visited earlier this winter minus my snowshoes. I vowed to head back knowing well that this would make an exceptional route. Sauk Mountain didn’t disappoint then, and it didn’t disappoint today, as the trail was untouched and covered in at least 10″ of fresh powder.


The trail itself covers 4.2 miles RT of switchbacks and 1200′ of climbing. Add on the 1.9 miles and 500′ I had to hike to the TH and return trip, it totaled approximately 8 miles and 1700′ of solitude.


Days like this have really caused me to reevaluate Spring as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, I love shoeing in heavy snow days surrounded by silence, but I could easily get caught up in these warmer weather, blue sky snowshoes teaming with wildlife and fresh blooms.


My eyes are set on at least 3 or 4 more routes in the North Cascades, and if conditions continue in this manner, I could feasibly be snowshoeing well into late May. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I squeeze out every ounce of Spring’s Winter-like conditions.