Why I Can’t Wait For Winter


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

I can’t wait for the magical feeling of welcoming winter with the first snow’s snowflakes kissing my cheeks.

Tubbs Wilderness

I can’t wait for the feet of fresh powder to kick up and sink my Tubbs Snowshoes into.


I can’t wait to reunite with friends to go snowshoeing through different mountains ranges together.


I can’t wait to introduce new friends to the world of snowshoeing adventures.


I can’t wait to revisit summer trails that are snow packed that offer a world of stillness and silence.

Wedding Reception-117

I can’t wait to go on new adventures that will lead to the discovery of new trails and sights to behold.



I can’t wait to be left breathless by the snowscapes of the wild in white.


I can’t wait for daily snow dances and snow forecasts.


I can’t wait to throw my head back to catch snowflakes on my tongue, build snowmen on mountain tops, and falling backwards into the snow to make angels.

DSC_2678 (1)

I can’t wait to warm up fireside with hot team after epic snowshoe adventures.