Single Desert Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador Seeking Snowstorm


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

Single Desert Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador seeking Snowstorm that will set her heart a flurry. I am seeking a Snowstorm with knee deep snow that will lift me in my snowshoes off the ground. Must be willing to dance among the snowflakes, challenge my heart at high altitudes, and leave me breathless at the sight of one’s beauty. I enjoy long walks on snow-covered beaches, forests, and mountain summits. I want to be enveloped in the whirlwind of one’s cold refreshing air, and warmed through by the fireside after a snow packed day. I’ll be watching for you on the Doppler radar and keeping my eyes on the sky until you arrive.

Today I send my personal ad out to the universe in hopes the perfect snowstorm will come my way. They say you get back what you put out into the world. So here I go with crossed fingers and high hopes of a very snowy winter. It’s been over 6 months since I last set foot outside in my snowshoes but with each passing snow-free day it feels like a hundred years. I find myself frequently daydreaming of trekking through snow covered forests where cotton-like snowflakes fall at my feet. Oh how the growing internal gnawing pain of anticipation for our first big storm continues to build as I wait to welcome winter.

Over this past summer on my wild flower filled hikes my heart has been fueled with glee while trekking among the greens, but whispers from winter’s past kept coming back to me. One moment I would be hiking along a trail feeling the soil beneath my feet until my daydreams of fresh powder would steal me. I was constantly torn when out in the wilderness between my love of summer fun and dreams of winter’s bliss. “Why can’t I have both summer and winter?” I asked myself as I struggled to keep my heart and mind focused within one season.

With that question posed and a little inspiration from my fellow Tubbs Ambassadors I found a way that I could celebrate both. As a means to enjoy the summer sun while commemorating the days of cold I grabbed my camera and hit my favorite local snowshoeing trail. The summer morning was warm, and the air was rich with the smell of Earth. The goal of my hiking excursion was to replicate captured snapshots of photos I took last winter to compare them to the views of summer. With each step the memories of winter adventures filled my thoughts and manifested in my imagination. Doing my best to recall the different spots on the trail where I had taken pictures I soaked in the sun and gathered a fair amount shots.

Upon my arrival home I downloaded my photos and placed winter and summer side by side. The contrast was astonishing and beautiful. I gazed upon the summer viewpoints of a vivid green forest trail full of so much life that I felt like I could feel the Earth growing beneath my feet. Then I would drift my eyes to the photos of winter from the same vantage point where I was swept into a world of stillness and quite where the world was asleep. It was incredible to see one trail in two seasons while making so many memories.