Expand Your Snowshoeing Routine With Yurt Adventures This Winter


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Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

Do you enjoy backpacking? Do you love to snowshoe? Do you want to wake up to an awe-inspiring landscape covered in fresh snow? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions a snowshoeing yurt adventure is for YOU!

As we are avid snowshoers we love venturing off on different trails and exploring new mountain tops during the winter. If you are anything like us and are itching to explore the backcountry this winter or want to try something off the snow packed path consider planning a snowshoeing yurt retreat. Here are some tips to help you get started on your winter adventure!

Reserve Early
Reserve your yurt early! There is no way to predict when their will be fresh snowfall, but you can count on yurts booking up quickly as winter approaches. What is the best way to pick a winter wonderland weekend? Call the yurt rental owner or company and ask, check historical data, and review snow reports from years past. With your research in hand make the best educated guess and start your snowdance.

Snowshoeing Fitness Goal
If you are a snowshoer looking for a winter fitness goal then pick a yurt adventure with a challenging trail. Yurts are located at various altitudes with a variety of trail difficulty levels. Choose your adventure wisely based on your abilities and fitness levels and start working towards your new goal!

Check Your Gear
Ensure your gear is in good order and rated for the terrain you will be snowshoeing in. Make sure your sleeping bag is rated for the colder weather and that you have enough layers to keep you warm.

High Altitudes
High altitudes offer great views and solitude but they can present challenges when your body isn’t yet adjusted. Before you go make sure you are prepared not only to hike up to high altitudes but are equipped to stay overnight at them. Drink LOTS of water, take breaks, and don’t over exert yourself.

Know Your Yurt
When you have selected the yurt for your snowshoeing adventure learn everything you can about it. What are its GPS coordinates? Is firewood provided? Is cooking gear provided? What bedding (temperature rating) will you need? The more you know the better prepared you can be before you get there.

Touch Base with Your Yurt Rental
Every yurt rental owner or company is different in their operations, maintenance, and rendering of services. It is important that you and everyone in your snowshoeing party reviews the instructions and rules of the yurt rental. This will ensure that you will know how to use the yurt properly and leave it in mint condition for the next snowshoeing clan.

Anticipate Wildlife
Keep your wits about you when out in the backcountry because you never know who you may be sharing the trail with. This past Spring we came across bear scat over the course of two miles and snowshoed alongside mountain lion tracks for a half mile.

Invite Friends
Snowshoeing adventures are always better when you invite friends! Gather round in the yurt at night to share laughs, play board games, or tell ghost stories with hot cocoa.

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