Ambassador Profile: Lyndon


Where do you live?
Currently live in Southern California. Relocating to NH in 2016.

Top 3 things we should know about you?

  • Introvert in daily life – social butterfly on the trail.
  • My real reason for snowshoeing and hiking is the junk food.
  • I started snowshoeing to stay in “hiking shape,” now my summer and fall hiking is just a way to keep in shape for snowshoeing.

Favorite aspect of snowshoeing?
Makes cross-country travel easier – map out your own route and go for it!

Favorite drink while snowshoeing?

Favorite trail snack?
Hi-Chews… something I don’t let myself eat unless I’m hiking or snowshoeing

Dream snowshoe trip?
I’d love to snowshoe Yosemite Valley. I tried to make it out there last year, but the weather did not cooperate.