Ambassador Profile: Sheila


Where do you live?
Stowe, Vermont

Top 3 things we should know about you?

  • I enjoy many outdoor sports..canoeing,hiking,bicycling,skijoring, kicksledding, x-c skiing, downhill skiing, ice hockey….and of course, snowshoeing!


  • I retired after 20 years as a state police trooper, and 10 years as a special educator, and my kids have flown the coop, so I have lots of time to go out and explore the great area where I live…always with my dog Gryphon at my side (or breaking trail).


  • I cannot imagine living anyplace other than northern New England. I spent a year in Washington State for grad school, and loved traveling to areas in the northwest, but I am a solid northern New Englander!

Favorite aspect of snowshoeing?
I love getting out in the winter to explore the trails and mountains that we hike in the summer…or traveling across the lakes where we paddle our canoes.

Favorite drink while snowshoeing?
While actually moving along, I am pretty much a water person. If we stop, and use the stove to make a hot drink, I am partial to Irish Creme flavored hot chocolate.

Favorite trail snack?
Dried pineapple chunks…easy to carry, they don’t get squished, and we can share them with the dogs.

Dream snowshoe trip?
Many years ago I went skiing in Banff…stayed on the resort trails, but would love to get out and explore some of the backcountry areas, in that part of Canada that has such spectacular views.

Anything else we should know?
I first used Tubbs snowshoes in 1972, for winter backpacking trips with the University of Vermont Outdoor Education class. They were modified bearpaws, rawhide and wood, of course with no crampons. It was pretty hairy coming down some very icy trails in the White Mountains of NH…now, when I am treading solidly right up or down a steep pitch in my current Tubbs Snowshoes, I often remember that first trip on snowshoes.