Snowshoeing in the Northeast US

Kovas, Family Ambassador

For those of a certain age, the title of this post and the accompanying image probably has us humming (or even singing) a certain tune under our breath.

Waiting is never easy, especially when what you’re waiting for is neither guaranteed nor on any sort of set schedule. Snow is like that. Right now most of us are in the throes of Fall, enjoying cool to cold weather, the changing colors of the leaves (on the Internet if not in person), and the anticipation that Winter is on its way.

With Winter comes snow, if we’re lucky. Fickle weather means that we might be waiting a long time for that squeak of snow underfoot, powder flying from the heels of our snowshoes as we plow through drifts, and seeing how different everything looks shrouded in white.

For some, that time might not come this Winter – snowfall in some areas is either greatly lessened or has outright disappeared. For those of us in the Midwest, we’re hanging our hats on the Farmers’ Almanac forecast, which promises us snowier-than-normal conditions. Fingers crossed.

Right now, it’s sunny and heading towards 70 degrees today, so Winter seems a long way off. I’m going to enjoy this Indian Summer, but I’m also planning our family outings and how to get friends involved, while savoring the anticipation of being outside in a winter wonderland.