One does not simply snowshoe


Shawn, Backcountry Ambassador

Learning new winter activities can be the start of some new life traditions. For me winter activities changed my life and sharing those activities with others is something I love doing. It also doesn’t hurt that after the winter adventure a warm meal with friends and/or family is a given.

I met my wife on the first winter’s snow many years ago, I proposed to her in the same spot three years after meeting her, and now we enjoy moonlight snowshoes together and amazing trips out in the winter, sometimes the little dog comes along and MOST of the time she ends up in a jacket or a backpack when her paws get too cold.


Snowshoeing for my family and myself has become a great way to get out together and solo. Being a lover of winter I do many winter activities, so strapping a snowboard to my back and snowshoeing in a few miles to get an untouched powder ride is something I live for now.

Snowshoeing has been a great way for me to bring groups of amazing adventure friends together. Each a year I guide large groups on a snowshoe adventure and each year it keeps growing and growing. More people see the benefits of staying active in the winter and they also find it a great way to connect with family and friends.


So as the title of this article explains, one does not simply snowshoe, it really becomes part of who you are and it changes your life for the better. I’ve been pretty fortunate to have great friends and the support of Tubbs in getting outdoors more and in getting others outdoors with me. Enjoy the adventure, learn how to make some great hot chocolate, and get outdoors in the winter because you’ll love it.