10 Reasons Why You Should Start Snowshoeing This Winter


Tiffany, Day Hiking Ambassador

The trees are bare, our mornings are darker, and the air is definitely getting colder. We can no longer deny that winter is almost upon us no matter how many more pumpkin spice lattes we try to consume. I used to dread winter and its ominous presence before I started snowshoeing. If somebody had told me that an activity could change how I felt about an entire season, I would have looked around for the real person they were directing that statement to. It certainly couldn’t be me; my ideal winter was a few months hiding down south in a beach bungalow throwing back Mai Tais and shrimp cocktail. Good thing I wasn’t a gambling type, because I indeed became infatuated with winter. Mostly, I became enthralled with how I could explore winter. My snowshoes became my gateway to amazement. I love to spread the love of snowshoeing. Yep, that’s right. A lot of love right there. As a non-snowshoe-r turned snowshoe advocate, I give you 10 reasons why you should start snowshoeing this winter.

  1. The scenery will knock your socks off

It’s true. I’ve lost a good couple of pairs of Merino wool socks on some vistas. Ok, not really, but it could have happened! Some of the most mesmerizing views I have ever seen have been reached by snowshoes.

  1. You meet new people

With new hobbies, comes new friends. With a growing fan base of the sport, you will find more organized hikes and clubs available for you to join. It has never been easier than it is now with booming social media sites to link up with likeminded snowshoe enthusiasts.

  1. The best exercise

If you can walk, you can snowshoe! That doesn’t mean it’s as easy, however. Snowshoeing is the best for burning that pesky body fat during those winter months. The benefits are not limited to that either. Snowshoeing is a full body work out and you can even burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! More in depth information on physical perks of snowshoeing can be found on the Tubbs Snowshoe blog.

  1. Explore new places

Is there a hike you have always wanted to try? Why not try it with snowshoes! Being able to snowshoe gives you a great reason to plan that weekend getaway that you have been craving. Link up with some new snowshoe friends and snowshoe your way out to a yurt for a fun one of a kind experience.

  1. Christmas shopping just became a cinch

With winter comes the dreaded Christmas list. Save your dad, he doesn’t need another tie. Swap for some Tubbs snowshoes instead! Your niece has enough electronics. Give her the gift of snowshoeing. Introducing young ones to a new hobby has the chance of blossoming into a life -long sport. I promise you it will last longer than that newest model of IPhone.

  1. It brings your family together

Now that you bought everyone in your family some Tubbs Snowshoes, it’s time to get on the trails! It’s been proven; sitting is not healthy. Mom is catching up on her shows, Dad is checking his emails, and the kids are playing their video games. None of these activities are memorable. Breaking up the monotony with an active, exciting snowshoe adventure creates lasting memories filled with giggles and family photo ops. Still deciding on your family’s holiday card photo? Snowshoeing has got your back for that.

  1. It may turn winter into your favorite season

As I mentioned, I despised winter. You know that one school photo where your braces are beaming and your acne is standing to attention? Winter was that year of school, while summer was the senior portrait with great hair and your favorite shirt. Not anymore. Since discovering snowshoeing, I look forward to winter. Winter can be long and dreary without a seasonal activity. Don’t fall into that winter rut. Snowshoeing will keep your spirit light and make those winter months go by in a flash.

  1. If you snowboard, it’s a great way to earn your turns.

One winter activity can open up another. Snowshoeing was my gateway to snowboarding. Nothing beats being the first one down the slopes to makes those first turns. Scaling those mountains can be a pain in just boots. Pop some snowshoes on, however, and now that incline becomes a breeze. Nothing can stop you now, except maybe an Abominable snowman.

  1. Your face will hurt from smiling

In the best way possible that is. Each day of snowshoeing will present its own reasons to smile. It could be a look your friend gives you when they see the summit. It could be a deer passing by in a nearby clearing. It could be the simple act of checking the forecast and seeing predicted snow showers. Smiling is the best medicine, and snowshoeing will provide plenty of smiling faces.

  1. You will never regret a day snowshoeing. Ever.

Even the worst day of snowshoeing is better than no day snowshoeing. No matter how sore I have been, or how wet or cold I have gotten, I have never regretted the decision to go snowshoeing. Each adventure has been worth it, and even a bad day snowshoeing is better than a good day on the couch.