Anticipation for the Taste of Snow

Pic #3

Jan & Kelly, Day Hiking Ambassadors

As the high peaks of Colorado are receiving their first season’s measurable snow, our efforts turn to trail planning and gathering gear for another exciting year of snowshoeing. Team Jan & Kelly are working up an appetite for our first taste of snow.

Pic #1

It’s been an eventful hiking season and we can’t wait to try some of the trails we have scouted for snowshoeing. We have our favorite trails that are worthy of repeat returns and a few on our list to visit for the first time. We enjoy watching the magical winter transformation of the landscape with a good blast from Mother Nature and doing our best snow dance to attract the return of that white majesty to our mountain valley.

Pic # 2

Team Jan & Kelly are ready to snowshoe and can’t wait to sink the crampons from our Tubbs FLEX ALP and Tubbs Mountaineer snowshoes in the snow. We had a fabulous snowshoe season last year, experienced the trails with several visitors and extend an open invitation to all who are interested in creating these enjoyable memories to share with you.