Is the early season teasin’?


Brent and Dorian, Day Hiking Ambassadors

Well, yes that is a bit of lame rhyming, but it does capture our gun shy thoughts about the pending 2015/16 winter. After all, we pretty much got completely skunked last year. We didn’t even get one lousy quinzee, igloo, or snow cave built. We don’t even remember how many sessions we actually had on snow. Call it selective memory, or denial, or whatever. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve simply called the weather “El No-No” lately. We’ve been out on our snowshoes a handful of times so far this winter, and to be perfectly honest, the conditions have been pretty great. Maybe that comes with very low expectations. After the last of the snow departed during spring, we continued to hike in the mountains approximately 3 times a week. Sometimes more.


We made a promise to ourselves that we would assume it would never snow again here, and if it did that would be a bonus. It seems to have helped us get through some serious withdrawls. For those of you who are addicted to snowshoeing like we are, you know what we mean. There are days in the summer where all you want is that sensation of snow under your feet, but you can’t have it. It sucks. But somehow we have done a much better job coming to grips with the fact that the snow is magic, and comes and goes when it pleases. That’s why snowshoeing for us isn’t really an option. It’s more of a “Hey, the mountains just got a dump, Let’s go. Everything else can wait.” And 99 times out of 100, it’s the right decision. We can’t honestly say that the worst day on snowshoes is better than anything else. But it’s close.