7 Alternative uses for snowshoes that you haven’t thought of

©Ember Photography / EmberPhoto.com

Shawn, Day Hiking Ambassador

You all know snowshoes and poles are made to go on your feet and stabilize as wander around the mountains in the snow. What you didn’t know is they have some fantastic alternative uses as well. Now remember each person’s interaction with snowshoes can be very different so keep an open mind here and see the value.

1: Snow fight!
Snowshoes make great snow flippers when you are leading the pack you can flip the tail of the snowshoe and whitewash those really good friends right behind you. The lighter the powder the better the spray

2: Tree checkers
Along the same line as flipping snow off the tail of your snowshoe, snow covered branches make beautiful mini falling snow balls. All you need to do is give that pine brand a quick little flick and all that glorious snow comes a tumbling down onto the person behind you. This can actually become a REALLY fun game and helps keep the pace up because the person in front doesn’t get snow doused.

If your is stuck in the snow and you need to dig it out, well then have no fear because your snowshoes SHOULD be in the trunk. Grab one out and start a digging. Then if it’s really stuck you can use the tracks of the snowshoe to dig out some dirt for traction. See, snowshoes can now literally save you… Bet you wish you had a pair right now eh?

4: Who needs a lift?
If you have kids or you’re an adult who’s a kid at heart, well then you’ll love this one. Go find a sledding hill, get a sled, some rope, and your snowshoes. Then for the rest of the day take laps pulling people up the hill. It’s an incredible workout and you’ll have a blast shuttling your little ones (or adult friend) around.

5: Don’t look now.
They just look cool attached to your pack, so let’s just chalk this one up as a fashion statement

6: En Garde!
If you find yourself in a fit of danger, well the snowshoes make great armored shields and the trekking poles can be an impromptu sword, please be careful on this one and ONLY use it in an adult supervised fashion (Pending adult).

7: Camping eh?
I don’t know if you know, but trekking poles make fantastic (and adjustable) tent poles when tarp camping, if you haven’t tried this then get on it. You. Will. Love. It! Super minimal and simple, such a fun way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Plus if it’s in the winter just snowshoe in, make a snow cave, and enjoy!

That’s the list, we want to hear what else you can come up with. Tweet me with your best alternative use of snowshoes or trekking poles, I’m all ears. @shawninthewild