Let’s do Some Science


Shawn, Backcountry Ambassador

#Hikerchat, Friends, and Snowshoers…

Let’s do some science, put all the outdoor companies together in one place, stay somewhere like Salt Lake City, Utah, then add a mix of friends from all over the United States. Don’t worry; were almost done with this little science experiment. Now, work in a Saturday of adventure, food, and quite possibly the most exciting game on earth… DOUBLE SHOT! Boom, you have one of the best snowshoe meet-ups ever conceived.


Let’s not focus on Double Shot, I know you want to but let’s shift focus to the adventure and why it’s so much fun. Before we jump in, if you haven’t heard about it yet check out the #Hikerchat snowshoe. One great part is Tubbs Snowshoes supplies everyone with some snowshoes to test out and to get out of any incredibly tiring trade snow. I’ve done quite a few  tradeshows (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market), but this is my favorite by far, simply because it’s more of a meet up than it is a tradeshow.

It’s a great time linking up with other outdoor adventurers/teammates you met from social media. I also use it as an excuse to go out for burritos or burgers (lot’s of food, we’ll come back to this). Seriously though, you get to hangout with friends, meet new ones, and go out into the amazing Wasatch to just play around in the snow. Life doesn’t get any better.


Now it’s 2016 and the snowshoeing just gets better and better, I mean you can’t really complain when the powder is sugary and deep! For the adventure this year we’ll be putting the snowshoes too the test with some thigh burning inclines, super deep powder, and some beautiful open mountain pine meadows. Being one of the hosts, I’ve been all over the trail we’re going on, let’s just say some people are going to be REALLY tired afterwards.

If you ever get the chance to make it to Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer, feel free to join in and meet some new friends, you won’t regret it. Following the snowshoe adventure. always remember there is food, in fact. Whenever you snowshoe, ALWAYS remember that afterwards there should good food. If you don’t get food afterwards you may need to Google how to snowshoe… I’m 110% sure that’s how you do it properly. Get out and enjoy the snow, make new friends while doing it, and have great food afterwards.