New Year, New Traditions

Michelle, Day Hiking Ambassador

Mike and I snowshoe into the Ottawa River every year but on no particular day. This year we decided to go on New Years Day. We figured it was a good way to start the New Year with some exercise and outdoor time.  Now that we are a family (with a 9 month old daughter) we have started to come up with our own traditions.

Family traditions are important to me. When I think back to my childhood memories, I recall traditions. I remember my sisters and I painting Christmas cookies with icing, I remember making little mice decorations out of Walnuts with my mom, I remember going to the hunt camp for walks in the bush with my dad. Without those traditions I may not have those memories. They help to keep those memories alive because they happened every year at certain times.

We have decided to make snowshoeing on New Years Day a tradition for our little family. We may not go to the same place every year but our plan is to take our daughter snowshoeing because we couldn’t think of a better way to start of the New Year then by being outside with each other.