Finding The Snow


Jen, Family Ambassador

Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate during the winter months. (Well, any of the months…) We have started this winter much like last year – one day of snow so far and not even enough to break out the snowshoes. Tired of watching our Tubbs gather dust, we finally took matters unto our own hands and headed north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for New Years.

The kids were super excited to get outside in the snow. We headed to Echo Lake State Park in Conway New Hampshire. It has a short (1 mile), fairly flat trail around the lake which we figured would be good for out 2-year old twins, Evan and Kate. They got to try out their Tubbs Snowflakes for their first snowshoeing in the woods experience. We were blown away with how well they did. Both were naturals, each making it about 1/2 mile on the trail. 3
Our five year old, Addie, rocked her Snowglows like a pro, climbing up snow banks and running ahead to be our leader on the trail. Although when we were finished, she told us she was ready to try Tubbs a little more like our FLEX ALPs, so we are going to try her out on her Tubbs Storms the next time we venture out.
Kendra and I were stoked to test out the FLEX ALPs. Talk about amazing traction! We were snowshoeing in some icy spots, and we didn’t slip in the slightest. I was especially grateful for the Viper 2.0 carbon steel toe crampons and traction rails when I was carrying Evan in his kid carrier. There’s nothing quite like losing your balance with a kid on your back!
The kids had such a great time, they’ve been asking when we can head to the trails again. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to have snow in our forecast anytime soon, so we may be finding the snow in northern New England until she does!