Snowshoe Yoga – My Favorites

#6 Half Moon

Jan, Day Hiking Ambassador

If you snowshoe often, it’s a good idea to take care of your muscles and stretch before or after your outing. I wrote in last month’s blog , about taking up a yoga practice for a balance of the high energy of snowshoeing activity. Yoga poses also serve as my stretch of choice. My personal theory is if I stretch my muscles before, after and on a regular schedule in between, they perform better while moving through snow. Yoga stretch provides a bonus for alleviating post-exercise pain and I believe that it adds to the overall enjoyment of snowshoeing activity.

Ideally, a home or studio yoga practice will gain the most benefit. It is fun to try on snowshoes and often leads to belly laughs, and who couldn’t use a few more of those in their lives? If you’ve never tried yoga on snowshoes, what are you waiting for? Here are a few of my favorite yoga poses that stretch the primary muscle groups used during snowshoeing.

If I’ve inspired you to try yoga on snowshoes, or you already have a snowshoe yoga practice, post a photo on Tubbs Snowshoes Facebook page or their Instagram or Twitter page, their handle is @tubbssnowshoes and mine is @colorado_mtn_girl

Seated Squat Pigeon
This is my all-time favorite for hips and lower back

#1- Seated Squat Pigeon

Stretches the inner thighs

#2 Warrior

Reverse Warrior
Stretches the side body and upper back

#3 reverse warrior

Extended Triangle
Stretches the inner thigh and hip

#4 extended triangle

Hamstring stretch
Stretches the back of the leg

#5 hamstring stretch

Stretches the inner and outer thighs, side body and upper back

#6 Half Moon

Crescent Lunge
Stretches calves and Achilles tendon. Clasp hands behind back and extend the neck and spine long for upper body and shoulder stretch

#7 crescent lunge

Crescent Moon
Stretches hips and quadriceps

#8 Crescent moon

Stretches hips and quadriceps

#9 Dancers