Snowglow Snowshoes for the Reluctant Snowshoer


Rebecca, Family Ambassador

As a mother I feel that it’s my duty to introduce my children to outdoor winter activities.

It doesn’t matter if its snowshoeing, ice skating, Nordic skiing, sledding, or downhill skiing.

In our family winter isn’t for hibernating, it’s for playing outside in the snow.

When my oldest son was just 18 months old we strapped a pair of Tubbs Snowflakes on his feet and let him stomp around the backyard and around our local parks. He took to the snowshoes like a champ, he liked the “dinosaur tracks” they left in the snow and eventually he worked his way up to longer snowshoe treks on a few of our favorite mountain trails.

He clearly preferred his snowshoes to his cross-country skis and found them much easier to maneuver.

But this winter he’s four years old and something odd has happened.

My little snowshoer morphed into a little skier and getting him on snowshoes rather than skis proved to be a real challenge.

Now it’s not like there’s anything bad in him wanting to ski more than snowshoe, in fact I don’t really care what’s strapped to his feet as long as he’s getting outside and having fun on a trail. But, sometimes it’s easier when the entire family is either happily on skis or happily on snowshoes.

This winter the one thing that has gotten my kid on his snowshoes has been the twinkling lights from his Snowglow snowshoes. There’s sometimes magical about snowshoes that shine with multicolored LED lights, especially during the late afternoon as the sun is setting or when we venture out for a moonlight snowshoe. There are so many things to like about Tubbs Snowshoes, but right now we’re loving the flashing lights!

If you have a reluctant preschooler who isn’t interested in snowshoeing, the Snowglows just might be exactly what they need.