Winter Storm Brings Excitement For Kid’s On Randall’s Island


Randall’s Island Park Alliance

After what has been a very mild winter, New York City’s snow-loving residents finally got the snow we have been missing—26.8 inches of it! While most people prepared for a weekend indoors, RIPA staff prepared for our first snow day on the island, including our first snowshoeing adventure! Children from surrounding neighborhoods braved the snowdrifts to try their hand, (or feet rather), at using our brand new Tubbs Snowshoes. After learning how to strap on the shoes, a staff member gave a tutorial on how to properly move about in the snow. After everyone’s snowshoes were secure, the kids eagerly tromped through the fresh blanket of snow, remarking at how much easier it was to do now that they were wearing snowshoes. The kids practiced traversing hillsides, learning the proper technique for walking up and down the sloped areas of the island. Everyone gained an appreciation for the level of exercise walking in show shoes provides! After everyone got the hang of moving about, we were able to walk through the trees along the river and take in the beautiful winter scenery. We were even able to view some of the winter animal residents that call the island home, like the lovely red-breasted merganser. Every child left with a smile on their face and expressed their eagerness for the next adventure!