What To Get Somebody Who Has It All?

 Bluebird day

Shawn, Backcountry Ambassador

Recently I’ve been focusing on cutting out the superfluous stuff in my life and  focusing more on the things that bring me true happiness. A few things that really make me truly happy are friends, food, travel, my wife, and enjoying a beautiful view in the mountains. I mean you can’t go wrong when you have your wife by your side and your dog by your feet and surrounded by fantastic people, that’s what life is all about, it’s about having fun with those who uplift you.

So now you know what makes me happy, going back to the initial question, what do you get somebody who has it all? You don’t get them anything; you show them something amazing instead. Experiences trump any physical good that you can possibly get somebody; yes sometimes you need something like a pair of snowshoes to be facilitators of that experience.

I recently had the chance to give somebody a gift, so I gave them the opportunity to snowshoe for a day in some prime conditions with a decent ascent and some fantastic snow. Instead of the nice simple trails, I usually take those relatively new snowshoeing on. It was fantastic! It’s one of those situations a look back for years and you’re like “man, I can’t believe he really did that”.

We spent the day climbing and trudging through thigh deep snow and loved every moment of it. When we reach the summit we spent a few minutes hanging out and took a few pictures and then did what every semi-mature male adult does… We took off screaming jumping down the side of the mountain in the snow and doing the moon jump as we descended all the while throwing snow everywhere.

My friend has the ability to buy the things he wants, but the gift I gave him he couldn’t buy. Instead of giving a gift of tangible whatever that can be discarded years later or forgotten, we shared one of the only gifts I can’t ever give again, we share time together, we shared an experience of joy, and paid dues getting it. So if you’re ever looking for gift for somebody give them an experience of the day out on the mountain snowshoeing, make them earn the gift they’re about to receive and they’ll love it for the rest their life. Oh, also make sure you buy them lunch afterwards, food doesn’t count as a tangible because I always make it disappear.