Go On A Valentine’s Snowshoe Adventure


Jill, Day Hiking Ambassador

Ditch the flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s weekend and show your love with SNOW! Love is a beautiful journey so why not add some adventure to it?

This Valentine’s Day weekend take the ones you love on a snowshoeing adventure! Take your kids, sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, fiancée, your crush, best friends, old friends, new friends, dogs, and cats (yes cats can snowshoe too).

Now you are either thinking two things:
1. What a brilliant idea! I need to go pick out a trail for us to explore!
2. Why should I take my loved ones snowshoeing?

For those who are asking themselves “Why should I take my loved ones snowshoeing?” Let me tell you what snowshoeing adventures are all about.

It’s about spending time together.
It’s about seeing the world in a different way together.
It’s about sharing an experience that you won’t forget together.
It’s about the challenge of trying something new together.
It’s about listening to the snow fall together.
It’s about feeling the crunch under your feet together.
It’s about losing your breath at the views you see together.
It’s about the magic of winter you feel together.
It’s about the smiles and laughter you have on the trail together.

It all really comes down to being TOGETHER! So get out this weekend on a snow packed trail with your snowshoes and just share the love TOGETHER. Love the snow, the trees, the sky, the snowflakes, and the ones you are with!