Proof That A New Pair Of (Snow) Shoes Really Can Change Your Life

proof that a new pair of snowshoes 6

Kimberly, Day Hiking Ambassador

I am sure we all have heard a very similar quote at one time or another which relates to a beloved childhood fairy tale. But it wasn’t until just a few short years ago that this particular quote really began to resonate with me and mean so much more!

Being born and raised in Northern Michigan, I grew up, as many did, having plenty of outdoors actives to choose from. It wasn’t difficult to live a healthy and active lifestyle throughout the four seasons. As the seasons changed so did our activities. Spring we could be found hiking and exploring the vastness of Michigan’s trail systems, while summer days were spent enjoying the pristine waters and shorelines of Lake Michigan and camping with the family. As winter arrived things slowed down a bit, but we still managed to stay active and get outdoors often. There was always Snowmobiling, downhill skiing, and cross country skiing, and just general enjoying and playing in the fresh fallen snow. But it wasn’t until one particular year that we decided to get each other a new pair of snowshoes for Valentines Day that our lives really did change and in so many ways.

As I mentioned before, our first pair of snowshoes was a gift we bought for each other for Valentines Day, a pair for my husband, and another for me. The idea came to us after reading and hearing many stories of great snowshoe adventures both near and far. Snowshoeing gave us a new way to get outdoors and to stay fit and healthy during the winter as well as opening up a whole new world for us. We have found it to be amazing how many new places we could discover that we were never able to experience during the long winter months. Strapping on our new pair of snowshoes gave us a new activity that we could do during the winter time, anytime and anywhere, either solo, or as a couple as well as with the kids and the family dog! 

Fast forward now, many years later and life has really changed. Not only has there been many wonderful moments and experiences shared with my husband and family, but I have also had the great opportunity of sharing those experiences with others as we continue through my second season as a Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador. I love the thought that possibly I may have inspired others to strap on a new pair of snowshoes too, and that perhaps it may have changed their lives as well.

So aside from enjoying and sharing great experiences and becoming a Tubbs Snowshoes Ambassador, what else has my new pair of snowshoes changed in my life? Well, let me tell you. It used to be that all the benefits of living an active lifestyle typically get somewhat lost during the winter. But by adding snowshoeing to our outdoors lifestyle we have been able to continue to stay active all winter through and the overall benefits have been a delightful surprise! My overall health and fitness has benefited tremendously. I have a much greater stamina and endurance. It has also affected my closet. Haha Yes, of course there is much more outdoors winter gear in there now, but also my wardrobe has changed as I am whole size smaller!

So there you have it! If you have ever struggled with what to get someone for a gift, and want it to mean so much more, why not a new pair of snowshoes?! It could change their whole life and yours as well. Get outdoors and enjoy life. Life’s An Adventure … Make it an Adventure to Remember!