You Might Be Addicted to Snowshoeing…

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Stephen, Day Hiking Ambassador

During the course of our outdoor lives, we should take a moment and a step back to reflect upon our approach to activities in which we participate.  To that end I present the following short quiz.

If you answer is “heck yeah!” to any of the following, you might be addicted to snowshoeing!

  • You keep a pair of snowshoes in your vehicle in case you get the urge at a moment’s notice.
  • You hear words like ‘so’ and ‘slow’ and immediately translate them into ‘snow’. eg. “I’m snow excited!” or “Hey, that’s a nice winter video there, how does it look in ‘snow’-mo?!”.
  • You are constantly checking your weather app to see when it is going to snow next.
  • You take out your snowshoes, even in the middle of summer, to comfort them and let them know everything is going to be ok, the snow will be here soon.
  • You have a large selection of chapsticks and lip balms in various flavors.
  • When you head out to go solo, your snowshoes get to ride up front in the passenger seat.
  • You find new and interesting materials to try using as snowshoes.
  • You have ‘spare’ sets of snowshoes just in case someone drops by and you want to introduce them to a fun new winter pasttime.
  • Hearing the words gaiter, crampon, articulation and flex bring a big smile to your face.
  • You try to ingeniously incorporate snowshoes into every photo you take.
  • You find yourself hoarding stashes of hot chocolate and other steamy beverages.
  • You get excited when people around the water cooler start talking about flotation and decking, and then you are disappointed when you find out they only just bought a boat