Snowshoeing Close to Home

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Kelly and Brenden, Day Hiking Ambassadors

My winter morning workout routine has evolved from using the cold and snow as an excuse to not exercise, to making the outdoors my arena of exercise.  I have been starting some mornings with fifteen minutes of yoga to get warmed up, then chop wood outside until there is enough to fuel the wood stove for the afternoon and evening, and then I drive 3 minutes up the road with my snowshoes in tow.

Just up the road from our home in Rhode Island, there is a small nature preserve called Avondale Farm.  There is a natural path that is formed in the summer between the wildflowers and weaves through fields and around a small farm house.  The farmhouse is home to miniature donkeys and horses who peak over the stone walls.  I parked my car in a snow bank and strapped on my Tubbs snowshoes.

I wasn’t heading deep into the wilderness, but the snow was pristine, there was no one around (except the horses and donkeys), and I could hear the roaring ocean not far off.  The trail led me around stone walls, and to a clearing with two perfect Adirondack chairs that had not been sat in since summer.  I ended up at a little cove that was completely frozen over.

The quiet and the stillness allowed for clear thoughts and attention to the beautiful wintry details.  I was outside, I was moving, I was seeing and I was thinking.  The shoes got me out the door and into nature on a morning where the couch was oh so tempting.

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