Peace, Love & Snowshoeing

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Jan and Kelly, Day Hiking Ambassadors

It is true, that born in the 60’s, I fall back on flower children expressions when describing my snowshoeing experiences. The theme of peace and love were made popular during my era and are truly timeless for a mountain girl like me. Getting out on the trail conjures up those feelings of contentment and gratitude every time and is why I have developed such a passion for this winter activity.

Throughout our snowshoeing adventures with one another and friends and family, we’ve put in hundreds of miles on the trail. Time after time, within minutes of our snowshoeing hike, life falls back into a positive and peaceful perspective.  Whether we are exploring new trails or rediscovering the familiar, that blissful feeling created from our snowshoeing experiences compels us to plan our next adventure.

Discovering new trails with family surrounded by the stunning beauty of Crested Butte, Colorado.

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Find that peaceful feeling when you quietly pass through the fragrant pine, bushy oak scrub and follow wildlife prints that crossed the path before you.

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Bringing new friends to familiar trails rekindles the passion and love of our home trail in Gypsum.

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We secretly increase the pace of our stride, so that we can share the next vista and anticipate the laughter at the much needed relief of the next descent.

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Whether with your family, friends or enjoying solo time with nature, snowshoeing brings us to that place of gratitude, where we are always in awe of nature. Snowshoeing keeps us grateful!

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With Peace & Love,  Ambassador’s Jan & Kelly