Wilderness Gear Review

Tubbs Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe

Kovas, Family Ambassador

This winter, I got to test out the Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe, and, though our snow was few and far between, I managed to get out a few times. If you’re a big guy like me or are planning on carrying heavy loads while snowshoeing, this is probably the best option you could find.

At 36”, this is a big snowshoe (it is also available in 25” and 30”). With the Tubbs SoftTec™ decking, flotation was almost guaranteed, though a surprising thing about these snowshoes was how nimble they felt. The carbon steel Cobra™ toe crampon gave purchase in all kinds of conditions, giving me confidence to move over varied terrain, up, down, and across slopes without fear.

These snowshoes are really easy to use, with intuitive bindings that attach the foot securely both forwards and around the heel. Long straps mean there is easy entry and exit, with the straps being secured and out of the way during use. The only negative I found is that the Right (R) and Left (L) markings are difficult to see, especially if you take off the snowshoes mid-hike and snow gets underfoot.

As with most snowshoes, there is a need to alter your gait to match the width and length of the snowshoe, but the Wilderness isn’t too far off a natural stride, which makes it ideal for beginners. Part of this is due to the lightness of the snowshoes, which was very surprising for such a large size.

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the Men’s Wilderness Snowshoe if you’re a beginner, a bigger guy, or someone who is looking to carry heavier loads. Light, nimble, and stable, these feel comfortable in a variety of conditions.