Snowshoeing for a Cure


By Tubbs Ambassador, Tiffany Saltis

On Sunday February 26th, Stratton Resort hosted the Susan G. Komen Snowshoe for a Cure. This annual event raises money for breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment programs. Leading up to the event, teams had worked hard to raise as much money as possible. The top earning team raised over $12,000! Currently in the United States, one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. Through events like Snowshoe for a Cure, dedicated people are working together to lower that statistic.

Warm weather before the event had many concerned, but the optimism paid off. Though Stratton experienced a rapid snow loss prior to the event, there was still enough snow to host the event. As if Susan G. Komen planned it herself, Sunday morning brought the change in weather Stratton was hoping for. Seasonably cool temperatures were back and they were paired with sunshine and intermittent light snow. Smiles were abundant as teams mingled prior to and after the event.

Spirits were high through the entire day as both competitive racers and walkers filtered across the finish line. The color palettes of the attire matched the contagious, loving energy. Pops of pink could be seen through the trees as participants worked their way closer to the end one snowshoe stride at a time. Funky hats and fluffy feather boas were popular accessories. Silly sunglasses, tutus, and other fun costume pieces were abundant, but also celebrated. The crazier, the better it seemed. Women were not alone in sporting the pink. Men and children joined in on the fun for a great cause. Post event, participants gathered to hear the top placers and enjoy refreshments. After the recognition, sponsors conducted a raffle. Two grand-prize winners received a brand-new pair of Tubbs Snowshoes. Though the prizes were nice incentives, it was easy to see it was not the driving force as to why the racers were participating. Hope hung in the air and camaraderie was seen in every smile from young to old. Through groups like these inspiring racers, each person is taking a step towards preventing and ending breast cancer. These steps just happen to include snowshoes.

If you missed the snowshoe event and still wish to donate towards breast cancer research and treatment, donations can be made at the Susan G. Komen website. The non-profit organization holds multiple year-round events to bring awareness to the disease. Founded in 1982, Susan G. Komen has not only been bringing awareness to the crippling disease, it has brought it to the spotlight. Through the help of people like you and I, they are making an impact. Join in the fight today, there is no better time to save a life than right now. Give the gift of tomorrow to someone fighting breast cancer even from your snowshoes!