Who’s Who On The Tubbs Crew

Since the beginning of Tubbs (over 110 years ago!), our company goal has been more than just building the best snowshoes. We’ve always tried to support the snowshoe community and the people who use our products. To us, snowshoeing is not just what’s on your feet, it’s the experience the shoes give you. Our snowshoes might look great hanging on your cabin wall, but we want them to carry you to your first peak, give you views you couldn’t see before, provide an excuse to get the family out in the winter, or show you all of the wilderness wonders living in your backyard.

If you follow our blog, you might notice our stories from the “field”; tales of snowy climbs with kids, cabin treks with pups, or volunteering to lead a group of kids on their first hill walk. These inspiring adventurists make up our Tubbs Ambassador Crew. This group covers many geographic areas, age ranges, snowshoe abilities, and adventure experience and they are here (and on our social media pages) to educate, inspire, and entertain you.

We are proud to introduce you to our Tubbs Ambassadors for the 2017/2018 season. Some of them might look familiar, and some are new faces. Follow them as they trek through the winter and be sure to share your adventures with us!

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