Tis The Season


It’s everyone’s favorite season–SNOW SEASON. You probably thought we were going to say Holiday Season, weren’t you? Well yes, that season is great too. But, instead of focusing on Black Friday specials and practicing your best right hook for the mall crowds, we’re jumping on the “get yourself outside” bandwagon. You might be familiar with REI’s Opt Outside Campaign and we appreciate the sentiment and awareness it brought to the outdoor community. While it’s both a blessing and a curse that there are so many great deals throughout the holidays (temptation around every email, but more free time to do other things), we encourage everyone to “Opt Outside” and stay outside this season.

Getting outside on Black Friday is great, but let’s continue that momentum all year long. We recently partnered with Hike Like a Woman for a #thisismywinter campaign and we received a ton of great submissions showing how you were going to get outside this year. Well, let’s keep it up Tubbs fans! Show us your pledge to do more outside this winter. Of course, we’re biased to snowshoeing, but maybe this is the year you finally learn to ski, or you teach your kids how to hike, or you make the perfect snowman. We love to see it all! Just make sure you tag us @tubbssnowshoes.

Not sure where to start? Check out your local outdoor retailer! Why is your local retailer so great when you can just get everything online? Top reasons:

  1. Stoked employees who would LOVE to trade stories, advice, and product recommendations
  2. They’re connected to your community: they know the routes, they know best practices, they can connect you to like minded folks
  3. Safety: Your local shop can help you find the perfect product for you, and make sure it’s in safe, working order.
  4. Simply said, you’re supporting your local community and economy

Find your nearest Tubbs retailer on our homepage (scroll to the bottom to type in your zip code!)

Happy Snow Season Tubbs Fans!