Taking it to the Trails


It’s time! It’s time! It’s time to break out the snowshoes and start hitting the trails. If you haven’t purchased your snowshoes yet, have no fear. Your local retailer is there to help you find the perfect shoe for you. Not sure where to start? Here’s our blog post walking you through snowshoe lingo and what to look for.

While some of our Tubbs fans are lucky enough to live near mountains, a lot of you tend to spend more time on the trails. Well, you’re in luck! This year we have two–yes TWO–new trail shoes for your walking enjoyment.

We still have the tubular snowshoes that you’ve come to know and love. The Wayfinder, Frontier, and Xplore are here to carry you through your favorite trails. There’s an option for everyone; from the Boa binding fanatics to the QuickPull lovers. You can’t go wrong with any of our tubular options. This year we have a few Flex shoes to add to the family; the Flex ESC and the Flex STP (which comes in a kit too!).

flex esc

This year we’ve revamped the Flex ESC to include even more features for varying terrain. While this is in our trail walking series, the Flex ESC has great traction in case you hit some rolling hills on your journey. It continues to feature a toe crampon and Traction Rails, which keep your feet stable in the snow, but now has a heel lift bar in case you need a little help getting up the hills! And, of course, the QuickPull Binding makes the shoes easy to get on and off for a beginner snowshoer.

flex stp

The Flex STP, which comes in men’s and women’s versions, is a great shoe for those new to the sport (hint hint: this comes in a kit which makes a great gift for this time of year). This new kid on the block maintains the same comfortable Flex frame, and even has the Traction Rails and crampons you’ve seen on other shoes. This snowshoe is a great option for a beginner looking for comfort and functionality, while also appealing to the value conscious shopper.

Still not sure if the Trail Walking series is right for you? Check out our blog for reviews, and tales from our Ambassador crew.

And don’t forget to pick up your poles and gaiters before heading out to enjoy that snow. Happy hiking everyone!