The Off Season

By Tim, Tubbs Ambassador

In my spare time/vacation time I plan, coordinate and guide outdoor back country adventures. It is a non-profit grass roots operation I call Medicine Lake (Nature is Good Medicine). Participants are friends and friends of friends. We split the costs of pre and post trip lodging, park fees, trail food, etc. Trips run from December to September with a mix of backpacking, canoe, kayaking or, of course, snowshoe winter camping trips!

In October and November, my “off-season” I focus on three main things: bow hunting, next year’s trip planning and website updates and JT’s Bikes for Kids.

I take October to spend quiet time sitting in the woods bow hunting for deer and any bearded turkey that happens by. As I silently watch the sun rise and set I have time to reflect on the past year’s trips and all the conversations we’ve had about new exciting adventures. I sketch out upcoming trips as mental notes then make a few phone calls, do some online research so by early November I can begin more formal planning. My goal is to have the website updated and a notice sent to past participants by December 10th. This year I am planning a larger group Tubbs snowshoe event over President’s Day weekend, a day trip, in northern Wisconsin while most other months trips will be snowshoe/winter camping adventures in Minnesota and Michigan.

My other focus during this time is working with Volunteers of America and Walmart to gather donations for JT’s Bikes for Kids. This is something I started based on the wishes of my Father (JT- John Taylor) who passed away in 2008, see the weblink for more on this story (JT’s Bikes for Kids). We raise money to purchase bikes for disadvantaged youth and deliver them in time for Christmas. Volunteers of America identifies the recipients and works with the parents of the children so we know what size, color and style of bike to purchase. We then partner with Walmart to select and purchase the bikes. Below a pic on bike purchase day where Santa stopped by for a photo opp. Happy snow season everyone!

tim bikes