Getting After New Goals

Photo Courtesy of John S.
Photo Courtesy of John S.

As the snow is starting to blanket our favorite mountains, hills, and trails, we naturally start to think about all of the places our snowshoes can take us; where do we want to go, what do we want to see, how do we want this season to be better than the last?

Our Tubbs ambassadors have some lofty goals and inspiring commitments coming up in the new year. See what they’ll be up to this season, and follow along on our social media accounts and blog to see their updates!


I am very happy to share my 2018 Resolution of volunteering to share the love of Snowshoeing.  I love that the new year starts in Winter… and Winter sports provide unique experiences unlike the rest of the year. By making a commitment now, Winter adventures will be shared and cherished memories will result. I am volunteering with the City of Longmont Senior Center Snowshoe Trips. We will have two leaders and a van ride up to the mountains. Whilst I am considered a “Junior/Senior” at 60 years old, I look forward to connecting with the others who are equally excited to spend a day out in the snow, exploring our beautiful mountains and sharing with one another. I will be helping with both the Intro to Snowshoeing and the Final March Snowshoe trip to a local Nordic Center, Eldora.

I will also have the honor of participating in my 10th year of nighttime snowshoe racing at Eldora Nordic Center… a real thrill and a treat to ‘unplug’ midweek for a night of running through the snowy woods. One of the highlights, seeing the headlamps of the other snowshoe racers when we circle back through the woods.


john selfie

I’ve got one resolution and one goal.

Resolution: I will not make the mistake of leaving my snowshoes at home because “there won’t be that much snow.” It seems every year I choose poorly and either wallow through thigh deep snow or have to turn back from my destination. Sometimes both. Oh, and it’s on the calendar year, not the snowshoe season because I’ve already had one of those trips already.

Goal: I’ll figure out how to take a decent selfie when I’m out with just the dog. Well, if there is such a thing as a decent selfie. We’ll see.



I am registered for the Chilly Willy half marathon in northern Alberta at the beginning of February. Training in the winter has always been a bit of a challenge, especially living out on a farm like myself. This season my goal is to use my snowshoes as a training aid, running in them to give my body a break from the pounding as well as my brain a break from treadmill boredom. So far it’s been going great, and I can feel the strength building already. Let’s hope all goes well and on Feb 4th I can break my half marathon personal record.


After suffering two separate fluke falls in September and October resulting in a broken hand and two knees with completely torn ligaments, my focus for the New Year is to regain my strength and stability. Snowshoeing will be a big part of my rehab plan as it’s a outdoor winter activity with stable and secure footing that will allow me to gain confidence again on slippery surfaces.  I am looking forward to resuming my love and passion for being in the outdoors in winter and getting back to being my usual non-injured self. It’s been a long fall laying on the couch!


My 2018 New Years Resolutions:  National Park Trifecta  

#1 Snowshoe Yellowstone National Park

#2 Climb Mt St Helens

#3 Raft down the Grand Canyon



A few of my goals for the 2017/18 season:

Not just share, but have as many people as possible really experience a true snowshoe adventure.  Blaze their own trail, perhaps for the first time, and to open their eyes to the true beauty of Mother Nature while falling in love with the sport.  They then purchase Tubbs Snowshoes!

Bring 8-10 coworkers on a Sat am snowshoe up in the mountains west of Boulder (Rainbow Lakes Road/Brainard Lake).

Do at least 2 overnight hut trips with friends/brother.  One near Eldora and the other up at the top of Vail Pass.

Personally, to put in at least 125 hours of snowshoeing this season.

Discover and explore at least 12-15 NEW trails…..Red Mountain Pass, Boreas Pass, Silverton, Cottonwood Pass, etc.

Add lots of new members to my personal Facebook Group.  Colorado Snowshoe Adventures.


moosalamoo 9

This past summer, we took our canoes to the more southern part of Vermont to check out some waterways and trails that, despite all our years in Vermont, were still new to us. During that trip, we encountered some of the southern sections of the Catamount Trail, whose northern sections are one of our favorite winter snowshoeing trails. We decided then and there that we would make the trek south his winter, and explore more of this amazing snowshoeing and backcountry skiing resource. We now have the map for the southern half of the trail, and though we are unlikely to snowshoe the length of Vermont, we are targeting sections 13, 14, and 15, where we have dabbled in the Moosalamoo region.  We are so fortunate to live in a state with so many varied trail options, and we hope to take advantage of some that will present  different views, varied terrain, new challenges, and hopefully lots of snow!


☃️ Share the Snow Wonder hosting snowshoe trips for the Ladies (shoot for 10 new believers)!

☃️Snowflake Treks with grandkids (time to pass down Tubbs snow shoes to the younger kiddos and buy new for the tweens).

☃️Keep my weekly runs going to be ready for hikes, bikes, swims, and trails…..


My Snowshoe related goal for this season is to trek into the back country for an extended weekend winter camping adventure once a month (Dec., Jan., Feb. and Mar.). So far the dates and locations are all set, I just need a solid snow year. If not, the contingency plan is to be a nomad for snow, migrating with the snow patterns in MN, WI and MI.

Keep it up Tubbs Crew!! We love you for supporting the snowshoe community and always striving to see new places. And to our Tubbs fans, show us what you’re doing this winter by tagging @tubbssnowshoes!